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Midge Hadley is a fictional doll character in the Barbie line of toys by Mattel that was first released in 1963. Midge was created, along with Skipper, to counteract criticism that claimed Barbie was a sex symbol. She was marketed as Barbie's best friend. No Midge dolls were sold for the rest of the vintage years after the 1960s. 

The dolls sold in this time period usually had red hair, often with freckles, and her eye color was usually blue or green.

When Barbie first came out, she was the subject of a lot of criticism,  some of which that claimed Barbie was too sexy for children. Midge was  the first same-size friend of Barbie ever sold, and was created to  oppose these controversies aimed at Barbie. She had a fuller, gentler  face mold that was less sexually intimidating.
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