Dude... you have saved my life! I used 2 b the
king of all Wusses. A supplicating, gift-buying,
emotional douche-rag! I shudder in disgust at the
way I was. My success story is bittersweet. First
bitter, cuz I met this absolute 10, a gorgeous
Indian artist chick.

very talented and super sharp. I was doing all the
right things by accident and ended up spending the
night at her house, then I ruined everything by
telling her how close I felt to her - like I'd
known her for years, etc,etc. BOOOORING!! Needless
2 say, I haven't heard from her since. After
banging my head against the wall repeatedly, I got
fed up and bought your DVD set. I must be a quick
learner cuz 1 month later I am pulling some
maneuvers that would make you smile.


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