> Connected—you can now speak.
Partner: ur very pretty :)
You: u too :-)
Partner: hope ur not showin anything!
You: haha
Partner: dont make them happy
You: where r u from?
Partner: they're all idiots;d
Partner: Poland ;
Partner: u?
You: yes this is sick
You: norway
Partner: how is ur day?
You: ok.. a bit tired now.. you?
Partner: i have a massive headache!
You: ouch!
Partner: and i have to study tonight
Partner: sucks
You: yeah I should be filling out some forms myself... but I cant concentrate..
Partner: i know that from somewhere
Partner: :P
You: wasting time on chatrt.. instead...
Partner: haha exactly 
Partner: ;d
You: pretty wise
You: what do you study?
Partner: turkish lang. u?:P
You: ah
You: I study art
Partner: thats nice:)
Partner: u look talented :d
You: hahah
You: not sure i am though
Partner: i bet u are!
Partner: ure a woman, u have to be:d
You: thanx for the support! haha
You: true
You: this site is evidence on whos superior of the genders
Partner: haha 
Partner: yeah :d
Partner: well.. i think i've seen Willies from all over the world
You: its a bit frightening almost how stupid some people act
You: haha yeah..
Partner: thats beyond sick
You: true true..
You: its funny though... people are funny
Partner: im wondering though.. how many girls show them boobs when asked
You: I think hardly anyone
You: or i dont know
Partner: hope so!
You: the boys seems to never give up
Partner: they have an aim...
You: all they get to see is other guys wanking
Partner: thats the best punishment!
You: but whatever..
You: haha
You: yeah
You: some might like it though
You: u never know
Partner: hmm... point taken :P
You: oh well I should get back to work and so should you! :-P
Partner: ohhhhh
Partner: :(
Partner: i dont want to!
Partner: so bad
Partner: ;d
You: yeah.. me neither
Partner: we should try
You: yes
Partner: fingers crossed for u!
You: nice meeting u!
Partner: stay strong, woman!:D
Partner: u too :)
You: good luck with yr headache
Partner: thanks:)
Partner: nitttee :)
You: bye!
> Round ended. Press "Again" for another round.


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