"I made this image of one of my favourite guitarists, Jimi Hendrix. He is associated with flamboyant clothing and psychedelic colourful artwork on his album covers and guitars so I tried to make this image as vibrant as possible.

To do this I followed the basic techniques of pop art that I’ve used before. Only this time instead of underlaying the image with flat Warhol-esque colours, I put in various colour gradients on different layers.

This was achieved by getting a new blank layer (clicking on “Create a new layer” icon in the Layers palette, or cmd/ctrl-opt-shift-N) filling it with a gradient of the colour spectrum (select the Gradient Tool (G) and in the Info palette select one of the two spectrums available, to apply the gradient simply drag the Gradient Tool across the image). This can be done repeatedly on different layers. I set the layers’ blending modes so that the colours on all of the layers can be seen and merge together in a complimentary way so that the result is kaleidoscopic. The blending mode I found most useful for this was Difference, but I also used Linear Burn and Soft Light.

I also used three different greyscale layers of the man himself of differing opacities. Multiply, Screen and Pin Light were the layers’ blending modes used here but Multiply is usually the most effective for the black in pop art. One or two of these layers were blurred.

Importantly, this effect can be used to resample a tiny web pic up to a large high resolution print ready image with no loss of quality!"

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